Who we are?

Tuni is a small textile design studio based in Yelahanka, a sleepy suburb of Bangalore. Housed in a beautiful brick building, it is quintessentially the artist/designer’s workspace.Working experimentally and collaboratively with traditional silk weavers, Ramchandrappa and Chandrashekhar, designer Swati Maskeri combines old and new materials to create contemporary weaves on the handloom. Tuni is thus able to revitalize weaving traditions of India through contemporary interpretations of techniques and materials.

What we do?

We work with third generation silk weavers of Karnataka. We use locally produced Mulberry silk.
Karnataka is the only state in India that continues to produce this fine quality silk yarn. Tuni works with
local artisans to support the development of handloom techniques and continue traditions passed from generation to generation.

We believe that India’s rich heritage in handcrafted textiles is an important cultural enterprise that can create sustainable livelihoods for artisan communities.